7 Steps To Validating Your Startup Idea

When you have a startup idea, there are certain things you need to do to ensure your idea is a good one that can actually help people and make profits. How do you validate your startup idea though to ensure you are on the right track? There are many different ways you can figure out […]


Launch It 112 Point Startup Checklist

The product name says it all. It covers 10 topics such as Stages of Development, Understanding Startups, and Validating Your Idea. The 112 points are ones you as a Founder will need to check during the stages from idea to rapid growth.


Launch It Resource Cheat Sheet

Every entrepreneur needs a resource cheat sheet! We need access to resources that we can use when launching their business. The good news is that many resources can be found online for a small amount of money or even for free. This Resource Cheat Sheet contains links to Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Business Model Journals, and […]


New Business Reality Check!

If you’re doing a side hustle and are considering to take the plunge and quit your job, invest the same amount as you would for a couple of deluxe coffees and grab my bundle of three products that will help you focus your thinking on what you need to get done if you want to […]


Startup Pitch Deck [Editable] Powerpoint for Pre-Seed Through Series A

It seems everywhere you look on the internet, some company or individual is spruiking a list of “top X pitch decks that got funded”, and using names like AirBnB et. al., as examples. I don’t question that these decks worked for that particular Startup and Founder at that point in time. You simply can’t as […]


Startup Fundraising VC Investor-Ready Pack

This file contains five (5) tools in one. It’s an (editable) Excel Workbook that contains five sections as follows: Pitch deck slide order Explanation from Dave McClure as to why each slide is needed and what it should contain VC standard pitch deck scoring template (75 data points) My own VC standard investment decision tree […]