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I’ve earned those grey hairs!  There are stories behind each one. I’ve broken all the rules of business, and then some. Lack of money never stopped me. It drove me to greater things.

Since firing the boss nearly 30 years ago, I’ve founded, seeded and run dozens of startups in a range of sectors spanning Commercial Real Estate, Entertainment and Leisure, Hospitality, Tourism, Clean Energy, Clean Transportation, Natural Resources, FinTech, AgTech, CreditTech and Blockchain.

Along the way I’ve made a lot of money, and lost even more. I’ve started from zero several times and made it back to the top. Resilience, perseverance, self-awareness and empathy are traits of every successful Founder.

These days I channel the knowledge and know how that led to those grey hairs into Advising, Investing in and Mentoring Startup Teams.


If this is your first rodeo...err Startup...your head is probably already spinning and your brain is about to explode! If you feel a little bit or a lot "overwhelmed", welcome to the human race. These feelings are 100% normal. If you are a non-technical founder who has a great business idea and quite a bit of commercial experience in this domain, you might benefit from ad hoc mentorship or what is sometimes known as Incubation.

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If this is not your first rodeo...err Startup...or if you started fast and already completed your POC (proof of concept) and MVP (minimal viable product) and are now at the pre-revenue or early revenue stage, you could definitely benefit from acceleration culminating in a strategic fundraising campaign to secure the runway needed to grow.

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I wish I had a dollar for every time over the past 30 years that business owners contacted me and said something along the lines of "I've got this great/new product/service and people are already asking for it...can you contact some of the investors in your network and secure $X...I need to hire staff/buy machines/increase marketing spend next month so that I can capitalise on all this new demand." Sadly, that's not how investors think or work.

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