Bulletproof Fundraising For Small Business

Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, and Dave McClure have invested in thousands of startups between them.

But they rejected 99.5% of the opportunities they received. In other words, they invested in maybe 5 companies for every thousand companies that sent them a pitch deck. Do you want to be one of those 5 companies that get funded?

Here’s another statistic for you. Since COVID hit, raising capital takes 2X-3X times as long, and requires outreach to 2X the number of investors.

How does that affect you? Let me break it down for you.  If your company has developed a SaaS solution, SaaS being the most popular sector bf far for all investors, in 2021 if you want to guarantee you get funded, you should start at the top of the funnel by making contact with at least 150 qualified (they invest in SaaS) investors. If your Pitch Deck is SPOT ON (i.e. the right material in the right order is a pleasing presentation style) 20% of the ones you contact or 30 VC’s might arrange a call or live meeting. 20% of those or 6 VC’s might issue you a Term Sheet.  Even if that happens,  you probably will have to convince the Junior partner, then the Senior Partner, then the full Board, then the Investment Committee, and then pass a full criminal background check BEFORE you see a single dollar. That could take nine (9) months.


Why is it so complicated you ask?

The VC business model.

VC’s know that historically at least 50% of the Startups will fail and the VC will lose their entire investment. 25%-35% of the Startups might return the VC’s capital or even give them 2X-3X of what they invested. 10% of the Startups might return 10X upon the VC exiting. And 2%-4% of Startups might go on to become Unicorns and return the VC 100X upon going public (i.e. IPO).


So, do you want to be one of those 5 companies that get funded?

Yes? Then you have to take fundraising seriously.

You wouldn’t seek marriage advice from someone who was never married. You wouldn’t seek investment advice from someone who was penniless. And so you should not seek fundraising advice from someone who has never started a company, invested their life savings and then gone out and convinced other investors to put in their own money. Many times over…


I know what investors like Jason Calacanis, David Sachs, and Dave McClure are looking for. What excites them. I know the information you need to prepare and in what format, and how you need to present yourself if you do get a shot. And I know how to access investors like this directly, as well as hundreds of other Angel and VC investors.

Proven 5-Step Process That Secures Investor Interest.
James Spurway Reveals The Proven 5-Step Process That He Created And Used When Raising US$ 150M+ for 50+ companies from 12 markets and multiple industry sectors from a total of 135 investors…
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What’s The Takeaway…?

This is your chance to leverage James Spurway’s 18 years of Corporate experience and 28 years of Entrepreneurial experience and learn from the many mistakes he made trying to raise capital from Angel Investors, Family Offices, and Venture Capital Investors!


Why waste as much as 12 months and US$100k by making exactly the same mistakes?


Instead, why not book yourself a seat for his Free Bulletproof Fundraising Webinar by completing the registration form below.


You’ll be a winner just by attending! 


James is giving everyone who attends this webinar a complimentary template pack containing:
1. an email template (subject and body text) that received 40%+ open rates on cold email investor outreach campaigns
2. a spreadsheet to accurately track your monthly burn rate (runway)
3. an elevator pitch/one sentence pitch template
4. a 3/4/5 minute demo day pitch deck format plus a standard 10-15 minute investor pitch deck format
5. an example of what VC’s use as a pitch evaluation scoring template to determine if they think the team/company is investment ready

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When: The last Thursday of each month (4 LIVE webinars to cover all global time zones).  Complete the form below and you’ll be re-directed to his Calendly Online Event Calendar where you can reserve a spot.

Where: Zoom – you’ll receive the link in your email confirmation.

Who:  This Webinar will be most useful to a business owner or CEO of a company that has been in operation for at least 2-3 years, have annual sales in the high 6-figures or low seven figures, and need to raise US$1M – US$5M.  However, as long as your company has completed its proof of concept (POC) and minimum viable product (MVP) and have signed up users or made some sales, the content will be invaluable, it’s just that I may not be able to help you raise the capital you need.

Why: You deserve to be one of the companies that get funded. Don’t you?