SOLO – DIY Bulletproof Fundraising

SOLO - DIY Bulletproof Fundraising

The SOLO Package comes as a digital download. Once you’ve completed the payment step, you’ll be directed to the download site. The file to download is a .ZIP file. Once you download and extract the files from the zip folder, the following files should be present:
1 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Package_Content_Cost_and_Price_2020-2021
2 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Handout_#1_Fundraising_Rounds_Defined
3 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Handout_#2_22_Mistakes_When_Pitching_To_Investors
4 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Template_Pack_#1_21_Slide_Pitch_Deck_Template
5 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Template_Pack_#2_Services_ Pitch_Deck
6 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Template_Pack_#3_Product_Pitch_Deck
7 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Template_Pack_#4_310_Pre-Formatted_Slides_To_Fill_In
8 - Bulletproof_Fundraising_DIY_Bonus_Offers_How_To_Redeem_These_Benefits

If you can’t download the file or extract the zip folder into the eight (8) files, please inform me by email using or